MARA Corporation is MARA’s Investment Holding Company also known as MARA Inc

Private Limited Company
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Label Role Person On Behalf Of Start Date End Date
Director at Mara Inc Director Mohd Fathil Bin Daud 2009-02-02
Chief Executive Officer of MARA Corp Chief Executive Officer Khairul Azizi bin Ismail
Senior Manager, Property Investment (Head MARA Inc. of Property Investment) Senior Manager Zainal Zol
Manager, Corporate Finance and Investment Manager Zainal Zol
Chief Executive Officer of MARA Inc Chief Executive Officer Abdul Halim Abdul Rahim 2015-10-01
Chairman of MARA Inc Chairman Mohammad Lan Allani 2015-10-01

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Ownership Statements



Ownership Statements

Has ownership or control in the following companies


Thrushcross Land Holdings

Benefical Owner: False

Interest Type: shareholding

Interest Level: direct

Bower Property Ltd

Benefical Owner: False

Interest Type: shareholding

Interest Level: direct

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MARA Property Purchases

Kow Gah Chie, Malaysiakini (16 Sep, 2020).  MARA tamatkan khidmat 2 pegawai kanan


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