Guide on contributing to Politikus

A short guide on updating/inserting data to Politikus.

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A post is such a position that exists independently of the person holding it.

A post should not be confused with a role, which describes a function that a person can fulfill. For example, many people fulfill the role of “CEO” in different organizations, but only one person holds the post of “CEO at Apple Inc.” Indeed, the post of the MP for Avalon could be described as having the role of MP.

According to this data specification, a person holds a post in an organization through their membership in that organization, as illustrated by the class diagram below.



(Organisations Tab) → eg; Parliament posts under
→ add new posts (left tab)

Label: P026 Ketereh

Role: Member of Parliament

Organization: Parliament of Malaysia - Dewan Rakyat

Start Date (leave blank)
End Date (leave blank)

In which after this you would like to add the Parliamentary member (ANNUAR MUSA) at this time, so make sure to add him as a person first.

PERSON (persons tab)

→ add new person from left tab

Remove honorifics (Tan Sri, Datuk Sri) and Titles (Dr, Ts, Ir.)

Use names without Bin/Binti/AL
→ Only First name, middle name (if applicable), and last name
Eg; Najib Razak, Anwar Ibrahim,


Please use pictures or images that are licensed for free public use, eg; official pictures, from government reports/websites such as Parliament/ State Legislative Assembly. 


then, you would add membership on the organizations tab.

An example would be:
Label: Member of Parliament for Ketereh

Role: Member of Parliament

Organization: Parliament of Malaysia - Dewan Rakyat

Post: P026 Ketereh

For the membership of a post such as an MP or an ADUN, the tenure of such position starts from the swear-in ceremony. If a person passed away before the ceremony, or did not attend and dies shortly before taking the oath, the said person is not considered to hold the membership.  


Make public your edits/ additions public. Publish your edits.