Water Reservoir Capacity Upgrade for Felda Chini

Infrastructure Project this contract is part of
If this contracting process is identified by some external reference number it may be recorded here.
Whether this contracting process relates to the design, construction and/or supervision of the project, from the contractNature codelist. More than one value may be provided if the contract is for both design and construction, or both design and supervision, etc.
The current phase or status of this project
Additional detail on the procurement method used. This field should be used to record an agreed list of procurement process types, such as: International Competitive Bidding, National Competitive Bidding, Donor Procurement Rules, Framework or Direct Award.
Amount as a number
Malaysian Ringgit
Currency of the estimate amount
The name and identifier of the entity responsible for contract administration if this is different from the procuring entity.administrativeEntity
Entities awarded or contracted to provide goods, works or services.
The initial value of the contract
Currency of the contract amount
The start date for the period. When known, a precise start date must always be provided.
The end date for the period. When known, a precise end date must always be provided.
The period cannot be extended beyond this date. This field is optional, and can be used to express the maximum available data for extension or renewal of this period.
This should be provided when the contracting process is complete. This may be derived from the sum of contract.implementation.transactions values in linked OCDS data where available. In other cases, it may need to be identified and entered manually based on other project documentation.
Currency of the final contract amount
This name will be displayed in the URL.

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