Southern Alliance Mining Ltd

Southern Alliance Mining Ltd is

Public Company
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Label Role Person On Behalf Of Start Date End Date
Lead Independent Director of Southern Alliance Mining Ltd Lead Independent Director Mohd Jamidan Abdullah 2020-04-27
CEO and Executive Director of Southern Alliance Mining CEO and Executive Director Pek Kok Sam 2019-09-19
Non-Executive Non-Independent Chairman of Souther Alliance Mining Ltd Non-Executive Non-Independent Chairman Teh Teck Tee 2020-04-27
Independent Director of Southern Alliance Mining Ltd Independent Director Gainneos Jacob Goldie

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The group may undertake the exploration, mining and processing activities directly or outsource part of such activities to contractors.
It is based in Pahang, Malaysia and has been operating the Chaah Mine located at Johor, Malaysia since 2008. The group has also been granted the right to carry out exploration and mining operations at three (3) exploration  assets (the "Exploration Assets") in Johor, Malaysia.



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