Shabudin Bin Yahaya


Shabudin bin Yahaya is a Malaysian politician. He is the Member of Parliament of Malaysia for the seat of Tasek Gelugor. He was a member of United Malays National Organisation, a component party of the nation previous ruling coalition Barisan Nasional. He resigned from UMNO to be an Independent politician in 2018

Membership and Posts

Post Label Role Organization On Behalf Of Start Date End Date
Chairman of FELCRA Berhad Chairman FELCRA Berhad Bersatu 2020-05-14 2020-07-06
P042 Tasek Gelugor Member of Parliament for Tasek Gelugor Member of Parliament Parliament of Malaysia - Dewan Rakyat UMNO 2018-07-16 2020-12-14

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                          Notable for quote on rapists marrying their victims,

                          "Maybe with the marriage, (the man) can lead a different life that is better. And the wife who was raped, if she can get married she will not go through an uncertain future."
                          "At least she has a husband... this is a remedy to social problems" - April, 2017 Malaysiakini



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