Member of Selangor Government Executive Council (EXCO)

Local government, Public Transportation, New village development

Person: Ng Sze Han
Ng Sze Han is a politician from the Democratic Action Party, and currently Chairman of the Local Government, Public Transport and New Village Development for Selangor State Government
Organization: Amirudin Shari Selangor State Executive Council (EXCO)
The Selangor State Executive Council is the executive authority of the Government of Selangor, Malaysia. The Council comprises the Menteri Besar, the Selangor State Legislative Assembly, a number of members made up of members of the Assembly, the State Secretary, the State Legal Adviser and the State Financial Officer.
On Behalf Of: Democratic Action Party
The Democratic Action Party, or DAP, is a multi-racial, centre-left Malaysian political party advocating social democracy and secularism, social justice, progressivism, and multi-racialism.
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