Pertubuhan Berita Nasional Malaysia (BERNAMA)

The Malaysian National News Agency, abbreviated BERNAMA, is a news agency of the government of Malaysia set up under the BERNAMA Act 1967. It is a federal statutory body placed under the Ministry of Communication and Multimedia.

Government Agency
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Ras Adiba Mohd Radzi — Start Date: 2020-11-24 ,  End Date: 2023-01-23
Wong Chun Wai — Start Date: 2023-09-01 ,  End Date: 2025-07-31


Known employees


The objectives of BERNAMA are:

(a) to seek for and present complete, objective and impartial news or news material on any matter of public and national interests within and outside Malaysia;

(b) to distribute such news or news material to subscribers on payment either in the form of fees or news exchange or both; and

(c) to report truthfully and fairly, without prejudice to public and national interest, the views of all sections of the population of Malaysia.



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