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Founded in 2016 and currently led by Rachel Lau, Raja Hamzah Abidin and Jo Jo Kong, RHL Ventures drive transformative growth by fuelling the growth of ASEAN-linked start-ups as well as small and medium size companies. Based in Malaysia, RHL Ventures are a multi-family private investment firm championing growth for the best businesses in Southeast Asia.

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RHL Ventures is a private investment firm founded in 2015. RHL’s three partners invest their personal and family funds, to champion long term growth and support small and medium size businesses in ASEAN countries. We have been humbled to see the dramatic impact that small businesses can have on the world. And yet, these companies share common beginnings. A few people banding together and taking a leap into the unknown and building businesses that not only aimed to disrupt existing ways of doing business but as well providing a social good. Therefore, we have rethought traditional investing and want to bridge the gap between private and public equity markets, taking the best practices of public and private equity markets investing and applying them to small businesses. We believe we are building a future where businesses can work together with us to get holistic advice, capital and tools they need to make a big difference from the very beginning. In building this partnership, our focal point will be to build expert knowledge on the business, industry and management team as we are looking to hold an investment for 5 years. We are looking to be long term capital and strategic partners for businesses we invest in and are looking for outsized return upon exit. At times, we will be co-invested with trusted investors in our network which may include individuals with relevant industry expertise and institutional investors. Our philosophy allows us to circumvent the constrains that most traditional private equity and public investors such as the conflict of interest in the ownership of capital and will not be restricted to short term market performance benchmarks. For more enquiries, please write to RHL: [email protected]



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