Saripuddin Hj. Kasim

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Saripuddin Hj. Kasim is a Malaysian civil servant, and Chief Secretary for the Ministry of Transportation

Membership and Posts

Post Label Role Organization On Behalf Of Start Date End Date
Chairman of Railway Assets Corporation Chairman Railway Assets Corporation 2016-01-15 2019-01-14

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Born on 9 November 1959, he holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (Corporate Finance) from University of Hartford, Connecticut, the United States of America. Throughout his service, he has been entrusted to helm the
Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism as well as the Ministry of Human Resources prior to his appointment as Secretary General of the Ministry of Transport. In recognition of his dedicated service, he was awarded the
Darjah Dato’ Panglima Sirajuddin Jamalullail (DPSJ) in 2009, Darjah Setia Diraja Kedah in 2014 and Darjah Seri Mahkota Wilayah in 2015. Other awards he received include Honorary Fellow of Malaysia’s Maritime Professionals in 2018.



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