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Norlia binti Noah is the acting President and Group CEO of Prasarana Group

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President (Acting) and Group Chief Executive of Prasarana President and Group Chief Executive (PGCE) Prasarana Malaysia Berhad 2021-02-23

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Datin Norlia Noah began her career as a Test Engineer in 1990 with a Japanese manufacturing firm in Johor. With over 30 years’ experience in the manufacturing and rail industry, Datin Norlia is a pioneer of female engineers in modern railway.

She joined STAR LRT as a Manager in 1995 and was made Senior Manager Engineering in 2002. While there, Datin Norlia managed various projects and developments.

She also spearheaded the foundations of the LRT Line 3 (LRT3) project; heading its feasibility study, stakeholder engagements, public inspection, LRT3 Railway Scheme, procurement strategy, alignment, and concept designs to ensure compliance.

A graduate in Engineering (Electrical Engineering & Computing), Australia, Datin Norlia is currently providing strategic support and technical advice on rail and bus matters to the Management and heads several Corporate and CAPEX projects.

Datin Norlia plays a significant role as Technical Advisor and is spearheading the project team on behalf of the Malaysian Government in ensuring the delivery of the cross-border Johor Bahru-Singapore Rapid Transit System (RTS). The RTS was successfully signed by Malaysia and Singapore in July 2020. 


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