Mohd Zarif Hashim


Mohd Zarif Hashim is a member of the Board of Directors at Prasarana. He is also currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Mass Rapid Transit Corp Sdn Bhd (MRT Corp).

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Post Label Role Organization On Behalf Of Start Date End Date
Director of Prasarana Director Prasarana Malaysia Berhad 2020-09-23

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Currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Mass Rapid Transit Corp Sdn Bhd (MRT Corp), he brings to Prasarana a wealth of experience in business and telecommunications. As the chief executive of MRT Corp, he provides the overall strategic direction to the organisation to ensure that the implementation of the MRT Project development is in line with the mandate from the Government and direction set by its Board of Directors.

Before joining MRT Corp, Zarif held various positions in the Sapura group of companies, which he joined in 2007. He was group chief operating officer, a position which he had held since 2014, where he co-led and managed the group. Concurrently, he held the position of chief executive officer of the group’s technology and rail business clusters, which he assumed in 2011.

Zarif graduated with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University in the USA, and has a Bachelor of Science Engineering in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.




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