Megat Daniff Shahriman Zaharudin

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President of Paralympic Council of Malaysia

Megat Daniff Shahriman Bin Zaharudin is a friend of Nazif Mohd Najib and is linked to his offshore ownership in the British Virgin Islands.

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DATO’ SRI MEGAT D. SHAHRIMAN BIN DATO’ ZAHARUDIN is the 5th President of Paralympic Council of Malaysia elected on 14th December 2019. He is also the current President of Malaysia Canoe Association and President of Goalball Association of Malaysia. His other voluntary services involvement includes, Chairman of National Entrepreneur Foundation (Yayasan Usahawan Negara) and Chairman of National Hydrocephalus Foundation (Yayasan Hydrocephalus Negara). Dato’ Sri Megat is also a Director of the Foundation for Welfare of National Athlete (Yayasan Kebajikan Atlet Kebangsaan) which serves social needs of existing and past national athletes. Dato Sri is a well-known philanthropist and a successful businessman with interests in varied industries. He holds a Diploma in Business Studies from MARA Professional College obtained in 2003. Apart from being the President, he is also the Chairman of Financial Management Committee as well as Selection Committee.



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President of Paralympic Council of Malaysia



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PCJ International Venture Limited

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