MACC witness testifies Lim handed over RM2.38 mln cash voluntarily to MACC

Court details on Sabah Water Scandal Case.


Sabah Water Department Scandal
Three officials from Sabah Water Department were with laundering RM61.48 million and owning luxury goods from illegal activities

Directly implicated parties

AG Tahir
Fomer Sabah Water Department Director implicated in corruption case
Fauziah Ag Piut
Wife of ex-Sabah Water Department head AG Mohd Tahir. Charged with money laundering.
Teo Chee Kong
Former deputy director of Sabah Water Department implicated in money laundering and corruption charges
Lim Lam Beng @ Lim Chee Hong
Sabah Ministry of Finance's technical and engineering adviser charged with money laundering in Sabah Water Department case

Indirectly implicated parties

Implicated parties through circumstantance

Disclosing Parties



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The first 78 charges alleged Teo of possessing the pieces of land obtained from illegal activities through 78 transactions of transferring land ownership worth RM12,705,203.70.

The other 68 counts alleged Teo of possessing cash amounting to RM7,930,810.48, of which RM5,952,050.00 were in Malaysian Ringgit and RM1,978,760.48 in foreign currencies, and also cash of RM12,287,240.07 in several financial institutions.