Selangor quietly excises half of Kuala Langat forest reserve

The Selangor government de-gazetted 54 percent of the Kuala Langat North forest as a permanent reserve in May.


Degazetting of the Kuala Langat Utara Forest Reserve
Kuala Langat Utara Forest Reserve has been proposed multiple times to be degazetted for development despite public objections

Directly implicated parties

Hee Loy Sian
Hee Loy Sian is a politician. He was the former MP for Petaling Jaya Selatan (2013-2018).

Indirectly implicated parties

Amirudin Shari Selangor State Executive Council (EXCO)
The Selangor State Executive Council is the executive authority of the Government of Selangor, Malaysia. The Council comprises the Menteri Besar, the Selangor State Legislative Assembly, a number of members made up of members of the Assembly, the State Secretary, the State Legal Adviser and the State Financial Officer.
Gabungan Indah Sdn Bhd
A Malaysian company, Gabungan Indah Sdn Bhd has been awarded the right to develop 536.7ha of Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve (KLNFR) into a mixed commercial property project

Implicated parties through circumstantance

Disclosing Parties



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