Lynas Waste Management Facility

Multi-Category Industrial Scheduled Waste Disposal Site (MCISWDS) built on 202.35 hectares of Bukit Kuantan permanent forest reserve

Disclosure Timeline

  • 20 Feb, 2021  -  EIA contradicts Lynas and MB, multiple risks to Kuantan (Malaysiakini)

    When news first emerged that Lynas was mulling to store its radioactive waste in Bukit Ketam, Kuantan last year, both the firm and the Pahang government were out in force to defend the plan. Lynas insisted the site did not sit in a water catchment area and threatened to sue critics while Pahang Menteri Besar Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail declared he visited the site and didn’t find one.


The Department of Environment publishes the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) on Google Drive from their website.