Education Ministry urged to assess second phase of 1BestariNet

The Education Ministry has been urged to conduct a holistic assessment of the effectiveness of Phase 2 of the 1BestariNet service project as its implementation was not comprehensive.


Mismanagement of 1Bestarinet in Education Ministry
1BestariNet is a project initiated by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and implemented in collaboration with YTL Communications. In this project, 10,000 schools throughout the country will be equipped with high-speed Internet access and virtual learning platform that provide the high-speed Internet network as well as access to world-class integrated learning solutions.

Directly implicated parties

FrogAsia Sdn Bhd
A unit under YTL Corp. that was awarded the 1Bestarinet project.

Indirectly implicated parties

Implicated parties through circumstantance

Disclosing Parties



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